Kevin Hinzman received a not guilty verdict from the jury in an Assault Causing Bodily Injury (Family Violence) case despite the alleged victim’s deep and visible bite marks.  Hinzman successfully argued self-defense by establishing that the complaining witness’s statement about how the client bit him were not physically possible.  During trial, Hinzman set up chairs in front of the jury to replicate the front seat of the car where the incident occurred, and then had the complaining witness attempt to demonstrate how the client could have bitten him in the manner he claimed and still have caused the visible bite marks to be in the position they were found.  He could not.  During the client’s testimony, she clearly articulated where and how she bit the complaining witness in self-defense and Hinzman was able to show the jury how her version of events would have resulted in bite marks in the location and pattern found on the complaining witness.