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At Hinzman & Flory, our experience in civil litigation includes:

Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Contract Disputes

We have represented several clients over the years utilizing Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), a powerful consumer protection statute which allows for the collection of attorney’s fees and triple damages in some circumstances, as well as clients attempting to enforce their rights under general contract law. If you have purchased or leased goods, materials, or services that turned out not be what they were represented to be by the person or company that sold or leased them to you, or you have a general contract dispute, call us today for an initial consultation.

Debt Collection and Defense

We have experience defending clients from debt collectors and suits seeking to enforce debts, as well as representing clients attempting to enforce their rights on debts owed to them.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

We have represented both landlords and tenants in situations ranging from disputes over security deposits to eviction suits.

Personal Injury

Our experience includes advocating on behalf of clients injured from causes ranging from automobile accidents to gas pipeline explosions.

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