“I almost lost hope on my situation until I was referred to Craig Flory at Hinzman & Flory by my mom. Craig Flory is a very good listener, understood my situation, and took care of my case at the very last minute. He attended my case, without me having to be there. They were very passionate and always kept me informed. To my greatest surprise, my case was dismissed in no time. I strongly recommend Craig Flory to everybody with any problems. He has the answer to all. I don’t know what I could have done without Craig Flory and his wonderful team.”

Lewisville, Texas

“I found myself immersed in numerous serious health issues, and along had come numerous legal complications in my life. I needed a good, honest attorney, and a good friend recommended Mr. Craig Flory to me. Craig, with the excellent assistance of his office staff, helped me to deal with the complicated legal system. Due to Craig’s assistance as an attorney, with professionalism, integrity, empathy, and with a personable touch, I was able to manage my legal complications, thus also allowing me to better manage my personal health issues. I have recommended others to Craig and his partner in the past, with good outcomes, and I feel very comfortable continuing to recommend Craig and his partner now. The office of Hinzman and Flory is the only law firm that I will do business with.”

Denton, Texas

“After over a year of being in a domestic abuse situation, one day I finally fought back, I refused to be beaten one more time. However, when I fought back, my now ex-boyfriend called the police and had me arrested for assault. This was my darkest hour and I had no idea what I was going to do, I lost my job and my life as I knew it was turned upside down.

A friend of mine knew Craig and told me to call him, “he is a good guy and can help you”, so I called. He saw me within a day or two and I spent many hours with him talking about the most intimate details of my life that I had never admitted to myself, much less shared with anyone, I was embarrassed and ashamed. He did not judge me or criticize my bad choices, he only fought to help me.

Due to his diligence working on my case, I was never formally charged with assault, he talked to the right people and made them see what had actually been happening to me for the past year, the real story. If it were not for Craig, I have no idea where I would be today, possibly jail, possibly worse. I am forever in his debt and highly recommend him not only as an honorable man, but a top-notch attorney that appreciates a challenge and pulls for the underdog.”

Keller, Texas

“I felt very confident with Mr. Flory representing me. The staff is very capable. I was absolutely pleased with the results.”

Denton, Texas

“I have never had legal trouble before, so the situation was very frightening for me. Craig and Kevin were able to ease my fears. They were also able to reduce my case to a lesser charge than I thought I would receive, helping me both financially and professionally. I would highly recommend them for your legal services.”

Denton, Texas

“I had seen other lawyers about my divorce before meeting with Mr. Kevin Hinzman and none of them seemed to care about what I was going through and what was in my best interest until I met Mr. Kevin Hinzman. He made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I was the only member of my family to go through a divorce after 14 years of marriage and it was the worst time in my life but Mr. Kevin Hinzman got me through it. He was kind, caring and mild mannered to where I felt comfortable having him handle my case. He went out of his way to help me and I will forever be grateful. The other lawyers I met with before Mr. Kevin Hinzman gave me more stress then I was already under but when I met with Mr. Kevin Hinzman he gave me the confidence that everything would be all right and it was. I couldn’t recommend a finer lawyer to do business with. He is honest, trustworthy and caring.”

Krum, Texas

“Hinzman and Flory are my number one attorneys to go to when it comes to legal matters that they deal with. My family and i have been going to them for as long as I can remember. They never fail to answer any of my questions, they make you their number one priority, and they are dependable. What better people than these two gentlemen to get the job done right.”

Denton, Texas

“I am an inventor and the CEO of a new corporation. Mr. Hinzman was super in helping you with the drawing up and filing of our LLC. While we were there we decided it was time to redo our wills and so Mr. Hinzman helped us write new wills. The office was very professional at a fair price. If you need any legal work done, check out Hinzman and Flory Attorney’s office in Denton, Texas.”

Denton, Texas

“Hinzman and Flory helped me very much with my case. They supported me through the entirety of it with their constant attentiveness and knowledge. They answered all my questions and made a rather stressful ordeal much more manageable in my life. I am more than thankful for having them help me and would recommend them to anyone!”

Denton, Texas

“Meeting attorneys Kevin Hinzman and Craig Flory has been extremely positive. I cannot stress enough how much they have helped me. I was privileged to come across Attorneys Hinzman and Flory and their entire office, they are a supportive team.”

Denton, Texas

“While represented by Mr. Flory I felt respected and involved in the all of the court proceedings. I believe Mr. Flory fought and obtained the best possible outcome for me.”

Denton, Texas